RRP - Lucien Rees Roberts
Lucien Rees Roberts, Partner

Lucien Rees Roberts, Partner

Lucien Rees Roberts was born in England and educated in architecture and design at Cambridge University. In 1981 he moved to New York, where he currently is partner of Rees Roberts + Partners. He also was the founding head of the interiors department at Steven Harris Architects LLP, where his aesthetic vision has played an integral role in the development of the firm and the successful execution of its projects.

Well-known for his subtle use of color, texture and fabric, Rees Roberts’s designs capture the essence of modern living. Coming from the third generation of painters in his family, his love for art is a unique and important source for his inspiration and has left an indelible mark on his design tastes. His work achieves a functional elegance that is characterized by his deference to art, light and views provided by natural surroundings. Each project reflects the character of the client as well as the needs of everyday life, and his designs incorporate a combination of custom furniture and unusual antiques.

Rees Roberts has designed interiors for projects in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, California and other areas of the United States, as well as in Mexico, South Africa, Costa Rica and Croatia. In December 2008, he received the honor of being inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame, and his design work is regularly featured in a wide range of international design books and publications.

RRP - David Kelly
David Kelly, Partner

David Kelly, Partner

David Kelly is the partner in charge of the landscape department at Rees Roberts and Partners. Kelly, who is from British Columbia, Canada, has been with the firm for 15 years. His collaborative approach with his clients ensures a fully integrated landscape, and his experience with green roof technology and sustainable building practices marries well with his keen aesthetic sense to create bold and innovative landscapes on many scales.

In 2010 Kelly won an American Society of Landscape Architects Award for his landscape design of a retreat in Cape Town South Africa. The project borders the base of Table Mountain and was designed so that it would seamlessly integrate with the rugged and diverse natural environment. Plantings from the rich native Fynbos weave throughout the garden drawing on the regions remarkable biodiversity, and a natural swimming pool and dynamic outdoor living spaces add to the unique visual and lived experience of the landscape.

Kelly has completed a number of projects in Manhattan including an indoor glass conservatory with a 30-foot green growing wall. In addition to the numerous city projects he is working on a 110 acre sustainable farm in upstate New York which when finished will allow the owners to be able to live off the grid. Other projects include a private retreat in Martha’s Vineyard, MA; an oceanfront residence in Montauk, NY; a multi-unit compound in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; and a guest house on an island off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

RRP - Andrea Mason
Andrea Mason, Partner

Andrea Mason, Partner

Andrea is an architect with a passion for design, furniture, fashion, and art, who brings a cultivated eye to interiors. Curating a refined balance between scale, proportion, detail, and materiality, her projects draw from art, architecture, and interiors to create spaces that are elegant, personal, comfortable, and timeless.

Andrea first joined SHA in 1997, returning in 2011 after designing Marc Jacobs boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Japan. While at SHA Andrea collaborated closely with RRP on the interiors and custom furniture design for Barneys New York, Dolce & Gabbana boutiques in St Barths and Rome, as well as private residences in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Upstate New York. She recently completed interiors for a new residential building on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, Andrea completed her undergraduate studies with honors in German Literature and Architecture at Barnard College. She earned her Master of Architecture degree from the Yale School of Architecture, where she studied with Steven Harris, Thomas Beeby, and Jesse Reiser and was awarded the Moulton Andrus Award for excellence in Art and Architecture and the Drawing Prize.

Andrea is an avid traveler who loves visiting museums, galleries, and inspiring places. She is also a devoted collector of Italian light fixtures.

RRP - Erin Fredrickson
Erin Fredrickson, Partner

Erin Fredrickson, Partner

Erin believes in amplifying life's existing beauty through one's environment. She takes a holistic approach to design by providing personal respite and exemplary spaces for people to flourish in.

Erin brings a rich and varied background to RRP having begun her studies with a focus on painting, then going on to earn her Masters degree in Interior Design at Pratt Institute. She has a strong interest in architecture and textiles and has studied and worked in New York, Copenhagen, and London.

Erin understands the visual impact of an interior space as a layering of objects, textures, and colors. She designs with the client in mind, developing aesthetically inspired environments tailored to the individual. She enjoys creating eclectic interiors that feel lived in and curated over time, mixing contemporary with vintage pieces resulting in timeless spaces.

Erin has been with RRP since 2017. Her completed projects include homes in New York, Charleston, California and Croatia.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and taking her dog to Prospect Park.

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Matt Jarrett, Senior Associate
RRP - Rrp Regina
Regina Cassorla, Senior Associate
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Eunjin Min, Senior Associate
RRP - Edie
Edie Snyder, Senior Associate
RRP - Rrp Jaclyn
Jaclyn Cirasola, Senior Associate
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Nick D’Ottavio, Associate RLA
RRP - Victoria
Victoria Bartholomew, Designer
RRP - Amma Bunting
Amma Bunting, Designer
RRP - Jane
Jane Jacobs, Designer
RRP - Deborah
Deborah Hancock, Consultant
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Towfiq Awwal, Consultant
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German Latorre
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Susan Burak, Office Director
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